Dear Friends,

It is a common belief that to become a Christian means that you kiss your brain “goodbye”. In Canadian culture there is reason and science. Christian’s, it is believed, walk away from both reason and science and embraced faith. The real situation is completely different because Christian’s are to be committed to truth, we are reviled because we accept what reason and science teach. In Canada, most people have rejected reason and science when it matters most.

Science is established when human beings begins as a zygote and develop biologically until death. Given the right “remains” scientists can always tell whether or not a body or “remains” are human or not. Scientifically, some human beings are not more human than others and most importantly, some human beings are not less than human than others. In science, human is human and non-human is non-human. Reason tells us that it is wrong to take innocent human life. This is not something you have to prove. It is just there as knowledge. Individuals and communities might try to argue that certain people or groups are not innocent - and can therefore be killed. But the truth that it is wrong to kill innocent human life is just “there”. When this knowledge appears to be absent in a person, common reason recognizes that this person is lacking something that should be there.

It is not the case in Canada that only Christian’s believe that “doctor assisted suicide”, euthanasia, and abortion are wrong. Science and reason will lead you to know this. However, many in Canada suppress and deny what science and reason know. Christian’s are unique in Canada, when it matters most, because it is literally a matter of life or death, Christian’s accept what science and reason know, we accept this because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, and He leads us away from lies to know the truth.

Science has also shown that human beings come in one of two sexes. Reason knows that to learn to live at peace with the sex you are - this is reasonable and wise. Reason tells us that being of the sex “female” or “male” is not a disfigurement or lack that needs to be surgically and chemically altered. Science shows that surgeons can cut and “add”; chemically create or destroy; but at the end of the day, the person is still the sex they had before surgery and chemistry. All of the surgery and chemistry in the world does not change this simple scientific fact.

Similarly, simple science has established the need for both male and female to procreate. Scientifically, when a human male and female, the baby is always human as well. Science knows that the human reproductive organs, are, well, reproductive organs. Reason knows that all natural element of sexual knowing is procreation. Granted there is a biological season when procreation is possible; and granted, there are biological reasons why some couples cannot conceive a child and have it safely born; the truth is that science shows that our reproductive organs are natural and innate. Reason knows that to act in accord with our biological nature is wise. The sexual union of two men or two women is not in keeping with the nature of the body.

Once again, in Canada it is not only Christians who are opposed to the idea of more than two genders, or are troubled by the transgender revolution, or believe that homosexual sexual knowing is wrong. However, orthodox Christians are unusual in Canada. When it matters most, we are on the side of science and reason and the truth they reveal. Our Lord claimed to be the Way and the Truth and the Life - so we are to seek to live as a people of the truth. This is profoundly difficult when we live in a culture that suppresses and denies what science and reason knows and shows. We are to remember Jesus who said, “In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33b ESV)


SexualityJenny Murray