Anglicans are known as people of two books. The first is The Bible. The second is The Book of Common Prayer (BCP). The BCP contains a breathtakingly rich heritage of worship and prayers that connects the church of today with the church of the past.

This little booklet is a stepping stone. We have taken the Forms of Prayers to be used in Families (found in the back of the BCP) and tailored them​ into a user-friendly form ​​​of The Order of Morning and Evening Prayer. Our goal in doing this is to offer the BCP as a tool for prayer that can be intuitively and easily utilized.

This booklet will allow you to take ​either a​ dip in the shallow end,​ or dive into the deep end of the ancient Daily Prayer Offices​. These offices (or forms of prayer) have ​shaped and enriched Christian ​prayer and ​worship for centuries.​ We must stress that even though the format of this spiritual resource is accessible and full of promise, a persistent commitment is still required. The benefits of the Daily Offices are only discovered through the consistent and enduring investment of time and energy. But the results are immeasurable: a robustly biblical and worshipful experience of Christ’s glory in the morning and evening — over and over again! So, come! Take a dip until you’re ready to dive in with us!

2018 Messiah Daily Offices