Dear friends,

I sometimes wish I was better at turning points into either an acronym or have all of the points begin with the same letter. My friend, Rick, is a real pro at this. His wife, Linda, jokes that if you give him an hour, he can find some way of turning points into one of these two easily memorable forms.

One of my successful attempts at this comes in the area of preaching and teaching. I tell people to remember FACES. They are to be FAITHFUL to the Biblical text; seek to come up with APT illustrations and explanations; seek to be CLEAR in what they say; seek to EXALT the Lord in their preaching/teaching; and they are to seek to be SIMPLE (but not simplistic!). Of course, they are also to think of the faces of the people they will be opening the Bible with.

I have had no such luck with DWBS – partly because I want to pray this in the right order. If anyone can turn these prayer areas into an acronym, please let me know!

DEEPER: Please pray for Messiah, that we will go deeper. Deeper in prayer, in discipleship, in worship. Deeper in knowing about the Lord and deeper in knowing Him – One God in Three Persons. Deeper in our walk with Jesus and deeper in our walk with others who are learning to walk with Jesus.

WIDER: Please pray for Messiah, that we will have a wider and wider influence for the good of people and the glory of God. We get wider in two ways. One way is through our working together in programs or ministries or events. This is important, but definitely not the only way or even the most important way that we have a wide influence. The second way is in the day-to-day lives of those of us who call Messiah their church home. Every one of us has a vocation and is to use our daily life for the good of people and for the glory of the Lord.

BIGGER: Please pray for Messiah, that we will grow numerically. People matter to God and people can be counted! So, please pray that God will use us in evangelism and that Christians moving to Ottawa will join us.

SMALLER: Please pray for Messiah, that we will grow smaller. By this I mean that small groups will multiply. Mentoring and discipling relationships will multiply. Friendships will multiply. We do not want Messiah to be a crowd that gathers, but a community gathered around Jesus by the Gospel.

Finally, friends, please pray. Thank you for praying.