Dear friends,

We are an Anglican church. Anglicans have bishops. Our bishop is the Right Reverend Charlie Masters. Some Anglicans like fancy titles. Our bishop likes to be called, simply, Charlie or Bishop Charlie (if you insist). Bishop Charlie needs our help and prayers!

About a year into being our bishop, Charlie shared with the churches and people under his care, Five Priorities. His hope is not that they become mere slogans that sound nice. His desire is that, at every level, we will change how we function so that these priorities actually become the first things we seek to do. Bishop Charlie needs our prayers
because, as we all know, habit and custom and the world, the flesh and the devil are very powerful forces to keep churches chugging along in a way that good and godly priorities take the fourth or fifth place in our living and in our planning. So, please pray that these great Gospel ministry priorities will be our priorities and all of ANiC’s priorities.

What are they? There are five.

First, is Evangelism. What does this mean? We need to know what the Gospel is. We need to have received the Gospel with saving faith. We need to be growing in Gospel fluency. We need to be able to share the Gospel as individuals. We need to proclaim the Gospel in our worship and in our ministries. We need to pray that people will come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the good news that God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son to the end that all who believe in Him will not perish but will receive eternal life. The Gospel is the power of God for salvation for all who believe the message of Jesus Christ crucified as God’s provision to save and redeem.

Second is, that we will be a Bible people. What does this mean? That we will know and trust that the Bible is God’s word written. That our churches and ministries will be led by “unashamed workers rightly handling the word of truth”. That we, as individuals, will be “Bereans”, “receiving the word with eagerness and examining the Scriptures daily…”

The Third is that we have a heart to evangelize and disciple children and young people. This is easy to understand but often hard to do. We do not want to just love children, but also evangelize and disciple them as we welcome them and think of ways to go beyond the church community to reach children and youth.

The Fourth is to have a heart for world missions. Ministries of compassion at home and abroad are always important. But even more important is that we need to have an ongoing desire to see the Gospel to proclaimed to every people group on the planet. We need to pray for missionaries “to go” and we need to have a “prayer and money” relationship with missionaries.

The Fifth is to have a heart to plant new churches in Canada. Once again, to pray for new churches and, as God leads, to take the steps of faith to be used by God as He plants a new Gospel-proclaiming, Bible-preaching, missionary-hearted, Holy Spirit-led church-planting ANiC church.

Please pray that these priorities will become our functional, actual priorities. Please pray for Bishop Charlie as he leads.