Dear friends,

This Sunday (October 1) is our second Sunday in the Ottawa Little Theatre (OLT) after an eight-week absence. During those eight weeks the theatre renovated. Last Sunday was our first look at, and experience of, the new OLT. Personally, I love the changes.

Now we have to tweak what we do. Please pray and please be patient. Please share your best wisdom with us.

This Sunday we will have a service of Holy Communion at the 10am service. We are going to have to figure out the best way to have people receive communion. In an ideal world we would gather 50 volunteers and do a series of walk-throughs on a Saturday afternoon. With a series of walk-throughs and debriefs we would be able to work out the logistics and then have a smooth communion service on a Sunday morning. Alas, when we use rented space in a busy theatre we do not have the luxury. So we will have to figure out the logistics over the next few Sundays.

In the renovation, the OLT raised the floor at the foot of the stage. This is a great change and people coming down the centre aisle will notice a far easier transition at the foot of the stage. The other changes will affect logistics. The rail is gone and the first row of seats are now closer to the stage, meaning there is less room between the seats and the stage.

We would still like people to line up facing the front on either side of the communion table. Each person can stand, waiting for the person to come to them with the bread, followed by two people: one with a tray of individual cups and one with a chalice, some of wine and some of grape juice. As before, you can choose to either partake of one of the small, individual cups or of the chalice. Before the renovation, people could line up along the rail – the rail helped guide people where to stand. This Sunday we will try to have people line up, facing the front, without a rail to guide them.

This might not work. It might turn into a bit of a zoo up front. If so, please do not get upset. Say a prayer, share a smile, have a chuckle. After the service, share best wisdom. We will figure this out over the next few weeks.

One other matter. Every five weeks there is a new set on stage. Some sets are alright as a backdrop for our service; some are not. We have this Sunday and one more with this set, then it will be torn down and a new one built. Pray as we sort this out as well!

George +