Dear friends,

We can do a lot more together than we can do on our own. As well, people’s needs are not simple because people and communities are complex. When we are in distress we may need money, help to start working for ourselves, healing, personal and community presence, infrastructure and, in and through all of this, people need God’s transforming grace.

I encourage you to come to hear of the work of the Anglican Relief and Development Fund, Canada (ARDFC). This is a great example of effective, Gospel-shaped compassion.

Baroness Caroline Cox will be the featured speaker this coming Saturday (Sept 23) at a free lunch. The Metropolitan Bible Church has graciously made space available for free. To register for the lunch go to:

Here are some of the reasons I encourage support of ARDFC.

Overall leadership and direction of ARDFC is global.   ARDFC is the Canadian part of the global Anglican Relief and Development Fund. This cross-national group is mainly led by Christian leaders from the Global South – Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Chile, Singapore. I love this! It is not a bunch of Canadians deciding how and where to do relief and
development work in “poor” nations. Instead, we work cooperatively with leaders in Asia, Africa and South America to discern the best relief and development projects to pray for and to support financially. The leaders from the Global South make up the majority of this cross-national body.

So, ARDFC is not just about ANiC congregations working together to bring relief and development; it is about us working together with Christians in the Global South.

The projects are assessed to be both frugal and effective – in other words, non-project costs are kept low and the money is enough to complete the project. The projects also work with and through local churches in the region where the need is. This means there is prayer and personal presence and gospel witness as well as the money to meet practical needs.

I know some of us are already very generous financially in giving to Messiah and missionaries and other gospel-shaped ministries. I know some of us are really stretched financially. But we can all pray! Prayer for relief and development is not “second-best” – it is deeply needed and important. So please come to learn about the ARDFC whether you ever give financially or not and please pray!

I hope to see you there.

George +