Dear friends,

A week or two ago a group of Christians in the United States released a short statement on what the Bible teaches about sexuality, gender and marriage. The statement is called “The Nashville Statement”. The text can be found at

I do not normally hear of such statements and I do not normally know much about the controversies such statements create. Generally speaking, I am unaware of the Twitter and blog tsunamis that erupt. But, by happenstance, I became aware of the statement and some of the controversy. I read the statement twice. Slept on the matter. Read the statement again. Then I signed the statement. Why?

We live in a time where people who reject Biblical teaching, and in fact find it highly offensive, are organized and vocal and assertive. I am not writing this to complain. I am stating the obvious. They have the freedom to follow their conscience. However, on my part, as one who has been redeemed by Jesus and calls Him my Saviour and my Lord, I have an obligation to my Lord to bear witness to Him and the truth of His word.

The Nashville Statement is not a perfect statement, but it is a good statement, which gently but clearly expresses the
consensual, historical understanding of what the Bible teaches on sexuality, gender and marriage in light of the current North American context. So I signed it.

Francis Schaeffer, an important Christian apologist and thinker from the mid-1960s to mid-1980s, said that Christians need to distinguish between being a co-belligerent and an ally.

To be an ally is to make common cause on many issues. To be a co-belligerent is to work together on one matter only. Much of the Christian criticism of the Nashville Statement fails to make this helpful distinction. People complain about the theology or the politics or writings of some of the main signatories and/or the organization which sponsored the statement. However, people are only invited to sign the statement. I did so as a co-belligerent not as an ally. I was not endorsing the organization or every writer’s work – I was endorsing the statement as written. If and when a better statement comes out, I can sign that as well. The main thing is the importance of taking a stand when there is a need.

By the way, the statement, as written, is in complete agreement with Messiah’s and ANiC”s statement of faith
and purposes.

Please pray!

George +