Dear friends,

Please pray for these ministry opportunities. At Messiah, we want to seek God’s will for us and walk in His will for us. We want to start the new things God would have us begin, continue what He would have us continue and bring to an end what He would have us bring to an end. Please pray that this will be our desire and our practice! What follows are some prayer requests around potential changes. Please pray for God to guide. Pray we will recognize His guidance and His provision. Pray we will recognize when a longer season of prayer is required because the Lord would have us wait – and pray we will recognize that He does not want us to wait because it is a door closed to us. Thank you for praying!

Is God calling us to run an Alpha course in the near future? If so, pray for a leader and a team. Alpha is a “course” designed to enrich believers and to introduce “seekers” or “the curious” to the Christian faith. In many places it has been wonderfully used as evangelism and discipleship. There will be a big “cross-denominational city-wide Alpha push this fall. Please pray!

Is God calling us to start a “College and Careers” or “Young Adults” ministry at Messiah? If so, who is God calling to lead it? We already have a significant ministry at the University of Ottawa called Church on Wednesday. More about that in a moment. But I believe God is calling us to have an “in-house” ministry that is wider than a ministry to U of O students. Please pray.

Pray for the leadership change in our ministry at U of O. Daniel Gilman has been the key leader of Messiah’s outreach and has stepped down. Daniel Avitan is the new leader. Please pray for him as he works with other churches and organizations, builds a team and preaches. Please pray for many Christian and non-Christian students to be drawn to this ministry!

Please pray for the Youth Group. Daniel Avitan is the new leader of this ministry. Please pray as the ministry considers changing the evening it meets, the location it meets in and the frequency it meets! Pray for Daniel as he leads and teaches. Please pray God will use us to evangelize and disciple many young people!

Please pray for a return to our weekly prayer meeting! The prayer meeting stopped about a year ago. I would love to see it re-started. Please pray for this!

I will share more prayer requests in the weeks to come. One last quick request. Please pray for me as I begin a new sermon series next Sunday. We will be going through the book of Galatians.

George +