Dear friends,

I write this blog on July 24. You are reading it in early August. As I write, I do not know where we will meet to worship on the first three Sundays of September. I will be honest, sometimes this causes me anxiety. I like control. I like to know the future. I do not find it easy sometimes to trust that the Lord will provide. I suspect that I am not alone. We like to believe that we have the future locked up and under our control.

Now, if you are like me, as soon as I write the sentence, “we like to believe that we have the future locked up and under our control” – I realize I have a problem. The fact is that I do not know the future. We do not know the future. No one knows the future. (This, by the way, is one reason all “progressive” thought is fatally flawed; it believes it knows a future we are moving towards.) The fact is, I can never have the future locked down. We can never have the future locked down. No one ever has or ever will have the future locked down.

God, the true and living God self-revealed in the Bible, is outside of time and sovereign over His creation. Only He knows what to us is future. No one else and no ideology. He has revealed one big truth about the future that the Lord
Jesus Christ will return in glory to judge the living and the dead and to bring in the New Heaven and Earth. Apart from this, we Christians don’t know the future either. All we know is that day-by-day, the Lord Jesus walks with us, the Holy Spirit dwells in us and God the Father is unendingly sovereign and powerful.

Please join with me in prayer! Please pray that the Lord will provide us a place to worship on the first three Sunday mornings in September. Please pray that He will grow our individual and collective trust in Him. Please pray that we will recognize His leading and His provision. Pray that we will learn to recognize anxiety as an invitation to pray.

Pray, as well, that we will learn the biblical balance between godly prudence and proud “self”-reliance masquerading as godliness. I do not believe that we sinned when we signed a five-year lease with the OLT. It is not a sign of godly faith to refuse long-term leases and insist on living Sunday to Sunday. The same Lord Who can provide for three Sundays in September can provide years of Sundays. The key is seeking His will and walking in it. The key is acknowledging our dependence and renouncing trusting ourselves as “the provider”. Jesus will return suddenly, “like a thief in the night.” It is a good thing if He returns while we are praying for a need to be met tomorrow. It is also good if He returns while the Council is working on a ten-year plan to plant 10 churches! So pray for Messiah. Pray we will trust the Lord and seek His will and follow His leading.

George +