Dear Friends,

I am taking a break from talking about baptism to share some matters for prayer. Please pray. Thank you for praying. Please share your best wisdom or insight.

First, the Ottawa Little Theatre will be undergoing renovations this summer. The good news is that there will be new seats and lighting and colours. The bad news is that there will be five Sundays the theatre will be closed. (July 30, August 6, 13, 20 and 27). So, we need to find somewhere to worship for five Sundays. Please pray! Please share wisdom. We have been aware of this for a couple of months and we have examined different options. We might use some space at the University of Ottawa (the same space where Church on Wednesday meets). We have also had an offer to help from a local church, but we would have to move our service time to 11 or 11:15. We will keep you posted, but please pray.

Second, we are having our Electoral Vestry on Monday evening, June 19, at The Bible House. “Electoral Vestry” is Anglican-speak for a congregational meeting to elect “officers”. We will also have a time to reflect on Messiah’s ministries and to pray and have fellowship. Please join us! Please pray for Messiah. Pray that God will build us into a prayerful, Bible-teaching, evangelical church in the heart of the city with a heart for the city and the world. Pray for us as we seek two people to replace Dick Butler and Jeremiah Hadwen on Council.

Third, we have been negotiating two-year leases with the OLT. We believe the time has come to negotiate a five-year lease – mindful that God might provide us with a building to “own” during that time period. The Council is working on this right now and we hope to conclude negotiations before the end of June. Please pray!

Fourth, to make it easier for those who set-up and take-down every Sunday and to make the overall “experience” better as we worship, we hope to make some changes at the OLT. Obviously, the OLT has to welcome these changes. Please pray for this whole process that we do it right. The OLT has been great to work with. Please pray for the Lord’s blessing on the OLT!

Finally, Ryle Seminary needs your prayer. We have a great opportunity to approach foundations and corporations for funds. We will need some volunteer help with this. We are also in the process of developing a “lay institute”on-line training program. Ryle’s mission is to “equip unashamed workers, unashamed of the Gospel and unashamed of the whole counsel of God.” (Ephesians 4: 2; Timothy 2; Romans 1; Acts 20). This is a ministry of Messiah to work cross-denominationally to train Christian pastors and leaders. Please pray!

George +