Dear Friends,

Please pray for Messiah over the Christmas season – especially on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day (which is on a Sunday this year).

Most churches in the Ottawa area have their largest attendance of the year at their Christmas Eve services. We are weird because our services have below average attendance. There are several reasons for this. For many people, Christmas is a time of nostalgia, so a nice church building, well decorated, is a draw. We meet in a theatre, not a draw for nostalgia. Our services are “in the city” and often people move to “the city” to cut ties to their Christian roots. We are not part of a large denomination with a large number of people who trace their roots to that denomination – and then give it preference on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Many of us who call Messiah their church home grew up not going to church at Christmas either because we grew up secular, or in a Christian tradition that did not have services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day unless they were on a Sunday. Finally, many of us at Messiah “go away” for Christmas – very few have family members “coming here”.

Why do I mention this? To help you understand the need for prayer. We still have “Christmas guests”, but we are very stretched in people to help with all that is involved with the service – hosts, musicians, singers, communion assistants and coffee hosts (on New Year’s Day). So, please pray that the Lord will raise up people to step up and take on these roles. Please consider being involved and helping out if you will be in town from December 18 to January 1. You can help those one or two times without committing to help all of the time. Please contact the office ( if you can help.

Please pray as well that we will be hospitable and friendly to the guests who will come. If we are in the odd situation of having both a smaller attendance and half of the people being guests, then there is a greater need for those of us who call Messiah “home” to be welcoming, helpful and hospitable.

Please pray that the Lord will draw seekers and skeptics and saints to Messiah over this season. Please pray that as the Lord draws guests that He will deeply pour out His Holy Spirit upon all who come. Please pray for the musicians and singers for the Lord’s anointing on their ministry. Please pray for me as I open God’s Word and tell of Jesus, God’s Son and our long awaited Messiah Saviour.

Dear friends, thank you for praying. Please pray that Messiah will grow in prayer; that we will become a more prayerful church; that we will be evermore dependent on God; that we will seek to live for His glory and the growth of His Kingdom.

George +