Dear Friends,

How do we follow Jesus in the years following Donald Trump’s surprising and (to the “knowledge class”) unexpected victory? Here are several suggestions.

First, be careful how you talk. Not when you are with other Christians because Trump is going to turn us into a police state; but because, in a church like ours, there will be people who dread what happened and people who are happy about what happened and we should seek to not offend people over something like an election in another country. The fact is that there are many different things to consider when you vote for the President, so I believe Christians, in good conscience, can differ on whether to support Clinton or Trump.

Second, echoing the words of the Bible, “Keep yourselves from idols.” The State, the President, politics,easily become idols – in other words, something which we serve which guides, which justifies, which gives life meaning, which forms our identity. God created human beings to be social and to be social means there will be structure and politics. But politics and politicians should never become an idol. Only God is worthy of being served first; only He gives life meaning; only He should form our identity. So, the election of Trump is neither “the dawn of a wonderful new era” or “the end of all things and the coming of authoritarian darkness”. He is not a god; he is a man. The true and living God – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – three Persons, one God – is still the creator and sustainer and He alone will bring all things to their proper end at His time. So, pray that the Lord will “keep you from all idols”, both the idols of the left and the idols of the right.

Third, remember to pray for the winners and the losers in the recent elections. Many people ran for many offices. In most cases, only one person can win and many can lose. Remember to pray for all who offered themselves for public office.

Fourth, please pray for Donald Trump as a leader and as a person. In the words of Jesus, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” So pray for Trump’s salvation, for his marriage, for him as a person. Pray as well the he will lead wisely, seeking the true good of the American people, and the true good of all those people, Canadians especially, who are so deeply dependent upon the earthly power and dynamism of the United States.

Almost lastly, please pray for Hilary and Bill Clinton. To paraphrase Jesus, “What does it profit a woman to strive to gain the whole world (and lose) and forfeit her own soul?’ Please pray for her.

Now, let’s get on with living life, seeking the good of our city and nation, while we live to bring glory to God!

George +