Dear friends,

Our culture celebrates success, and success for “organizations” usually means getting bigger and richer. The Bible is not opposed, per se, to companies or nations or families getting bigger and more prosperous. In fact, God wants us to be “fruitful”. However, things are a bit more complicated for a church. In some senses, God desires a local church to be smaller, in a good way.

In Matthew 28: 16-20 Jesus gives His disciples “The Great Commission”. He tells us to go to every people group on the planet and make disciples. This means we are to proclaim the Gospel and preach the Word so that people come to a saving faith in Jesus Messiah and then grow into maturity. If we “send” and support people who go, we are “smaller” and have less money to spend locally. But Jesus is clear. We are to send. We are to pray that He will send more. We are to pray that we have more resources to “give away” in support of people reaching people groups that we cannot reach directly in our local church, Messiah.

Please pray for Br**n, who just left Messiah to go to an unreached people group in A***. Br**n is with Wycliffe Associates.

Please pray for Jeremy, Kendra, Malachi and Samuel who left us this summer to go to Zambia with Operation Mobilization.

Please pray for Steve and Stella who just recently arrived in Nigeria. Please pray for Steve as he looks for opportunities to teach in local seminaries and as they look to work with local churches.

Please continue to pray for P and J and their kids in C*ntr*l As**. They serve with InterServe and the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

Please pray for Richard and his work in Ottawa and other urban centres in Canada. He works to get Christians to work together in prayer and evangelism and service. Pray for him as he plants a church.

Please pray for Paul with YWAM in Egypt. Please pray for him as he tries to become fluent in Arabic.

All of the above have “left” Messiah to proclaim the Gospel, make disciples, love their regions and bring God glory. Please pray as well for the following missionaries with close financial and prayer ties to Messiah. For Robbie and Mali in Uganda; Aaron and Michelle in Jerusalem; Norm and Audrey in Angola and Diana in London.

Please pray as well for our several efforts to evangelize and make disciples in Ottawa through Ryle Seminary, Church on Wednesday, the Youth Group, Young “Professionals” Group and Marriage/Pre-marriage Alpha. Thank you for praying!

George +