Dear friends,

I don’t like talking about the different things I do. But I always need your prayer; so, as your pastor, I’d like to share with you some of my involvements. Please pray that the Lord will help me to not do bad things. But please also pray that the Lord will help me know what good things I should say “no” to because it is not God’s will that I take part in that task. Please pray as well that I will recognize when the Lord is
calling me to take on some new role or task or project. Please pray that I will do all things to His glory!

Please pray for me as I chair the Dig & Delve leadership team. Dig & Delve is a yearly apologetics conference in Ottawa. Our next conference is November 4 and 5.

Please pray for me as I chair the Biblically Faithful Working Group for Messiah’s denomination. Bishop Charlie has shared five “priorities” that he prays will be woven into the DNA of the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC). One of these five priorities is that ANiC be a Bible-people through and through. I head up a small group of people from across Canada that are trying to be used by God to plan events and provide resources, teaching and relationships as He makes us a deeply and thoroughly Biblical people and movement.

Please pray for me as the Principal of Ryle Seminary. We are seminary planters! Please pray for me as I provide relevant leadership in establishing and growing a seminary and training centre here in Ottawa.

Please pray for me as a founding council member of the Gospel Coalition Canada. There is a great need for such a coalition in Canada. We are learning from The Gospel Coalition in the US which, through its conferences, blogs, resources and relationships, is playing an important role in furthering a biblically faithful Gospel-centred movement in churches across denominational lines.

Please pray for me as I speak “outside the church walls”. About once a month I speak on Parliament Hill to the Parliament Hill Christian Fellowship. I am one of four preachers who speak on CFRA radio every Sunday morning. In October I will be part of a panel at the Reformed Student Club at the University of Ottawa. Please pray for me as I provide leadership as the Pastor of Church of the Messiah. In our church and beyond, please pray that I will be led by Jesus – I only want to follow Him. Messiah should follow no one else! Please pray I will learn to lead like Jesus. Please pray that I will lead people to Jesus, God’s Son and the one and only Saviour.

Thank you for praying for me! I always need your prayers.

George +