Dear friends,

In the Anglican Way it is customary to require future ministers to go to university and get a degree. That takes four years. Then they are required to attend a seminary, or its equivalent, usually for three years. Then, assuming their “call” is recognized by the sending church and the wider church, and assuming there is a place to minister, the person is ordained. Some churches skip the seven year degree/seminary route and require a three or four year program before ordination. Either way, it is a long process and it is a shame if, three to five years after ordination (potentially 10-12 years after the person starts university), the ordained person comes to the realization they have made a mistake and they leave the ordained ministry to start over in some other “career” or job.

At Messiah we set aside time and resources to take on “ministry interns”. One reason we do this is to help spare the person and the church of spending years in study only to realize they are not called to the ordained ministry or to make their living by Gospel ministry or a missionary or in para-church ministry. So, on one hand, if a person spends months or several years as a ministry intern and then decides not to proceed, we have not failed; we do not want to pressure, we want to help godly discernment.

A ministry intern at Messiah is usually a part-time commitment while they also study or work. The intern: has a weekly meeting with me; is treated as if they are on staff and come to staff prayer meetings; are given regular opportunities to teach and preach the Bible and grow in that ability; engage in appropriate hands-on ministry; is given other mentoring/training opportunities. Their ministry opportunities are a balance of what is useful to them in their training and discernment and what is useful to Messiah. Our hope is that we will help our church and the wider church to make a more informed discernment, help the intern discern and, just as importantly, provide practical, godly ministry training and formation.

Yasmine Alli-Smith has joined us as an unpaid intern. She will specialize in children, youth and young adult ministry. Jonathan Camiré has been an unpaid intern this past year. We have taken him on as a half-time paid intern. He is in the “general ministry” track and he will focus on a ministry to post-university young adults as well as evangelism and discipleship. Please pray for them.

Please pray God will provide the financial and spiritual resources!

Please pray that God will raise up more interns! Please pray that God will use me and the whole church to mentor well for God’s glory.

George +