Dear friends,

I have asked you to pray DWBS for Messiah. Pray that we will have a DEEPER walk with Jesus. Pray that we will have a WIDER impact for His glory. Pray that we will grow into a BIGGER church. Pray that we will get SMALLER by developing Bible-studies and mentoring relationships and friendships. Today I want to share with you about the privilege of becoming smaller in a different sense – a way to become smaller so that we become wider to the glory of God – sending and partnering with missionaries.

Roland was a great member of the congregation for four years. A year ago he left to pursue graduate studies. We miss him still! We have just learned that he will go on a short-term missions trip to China. He has asked us to partner with him financially and by prayer. We have said “yes” to this. Please pray!

B**** is about to go to *s**. He is a career missionary. He has been part of our congregation for a longer-than-intended sabbatical. He is about to leave for the mission field. He is still seeking financial and prayer support. In our flesh we would want him, and the others I have and will mention, to stay and be part of our congregation. On one hand, it is sad when they leave. But, it is also a great privilege and joy to get smaller so we will have a wider, “to the ends of the earth” impact for the good of people and to the glory of God. Please pray for B**** and contact the office for info.

P and J are long-term missionaries sent from Messiah. They will be visiting with us in a couple of weeks. If you are interested in being a missionary they would love to talk with you. Contact the office if you would like to connect with them when they are here.

Kendra and Jeremy were part of Messiah for over a decade. They have been in Sarnia for the last season for family reasons. They will leave soon to go to Zambia with Operation Mobilization. Please pray for them!

Steve, with his wife, Stella, have been in Guatemala. They will be moving to Nigeria. Please pray for an open door for Steve in teaching and training pastors and church leaders.

Richard has a city ministry in Ottawa and across the country in mobilizing and equipping pastors and churches to come together in prayer and in evangelism. Please pray for him.

Please pray for Paul, serving with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Greece and working closely with refugees.

The following are not from Messiah, but have close connections to us. Please pray for Norm and Audrey in Angola; Aaron in Jerusalem; Robbie and Malia in Uganda and D**** in London.

Please pray! Ask the Lord to build us into a prayerful, Bible-teaching, evangelical church in the city with a heart for the city and the world.