Dear friends,

Some of us struggle with knowing what our spiritual gifts are. Today I want to share a few first steps to knowing your gifts.

First. It is pointless to look for something which is not there. On the other hand, it is sensible and wise to search for what is there. The Bible is clear. When you come to a saving faith in Jesus, the same grace that comes upon you is the grace that bestows one or more grace gifts. So, if you are a Christian, you have gifts.

Second. Pray. Ask the Lord to show you what your gifts are. Ask Him to deliver you from any laziness or pride or fear or busy-ness which stops you from serving or using your gifts. Ask Him to give you a desire to know your gifts and use them to serve Him and bring Him glory.

Third. Ask Him to help you commit to having a “home church”. Many of us today are wounded by consumerism. So we visit churches for a season as consumers. We do not seek a church to be our church home. A consumerist mind-set and lifestyle will mean that you do not discover your gifts and/or use them to serve God and others to His glory and the furtherance of His Kingdom. So pray that you will die to consumerism and find and be involved in a church home.

Fourth, read today’s text again (Romans 12: 3-8) and also read the two other main Bible texts which talk about gifts. These are 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4: 1-16. The Bible mentions other gifts (one is celibacy, another is making beautiful art), but these three passages give you a quick “big picture” look. Read over these lists and pray for wisdom. I do not think the Bible gives an exhaustive list, by the way. So know these texts but do not get fixated on them.

Fifth. In the context of your local church, ask yourself “what itches?” or “what do you want to scratch?” In other words, what need do you see that needs to be dealt with? It might be that this awareness is the Holy Spirit’s prompting to step up and get involved and help meet the need. Take some concrete action by walking towards the need rather than away from it. Call (613 235 0596) or email ( the office for some help on this!

Sixth. Do something. God can’t steer a ship that is at anchor or tied to the dock. Do something. Begin with something simple and practical like helping with hosting or coffee or set-up. Choose prayerful action and engagement and God will continue to guide and direct.