Dear friends,

Almost every week we include resources in the bulletin to help you grow as a follower of Jesus. In other words, the bulletin is not just a reminder of upcoming events. Almost every week we prepare three things for you to help you grow. Each of these three items are then put on our web page for you to use.

The first item is this blog which you are reading. Every week I (or one of the staff) write a short blog about the Christian life. Some weeks it is about prayer requests. Other weeks we tackle everything from “what the Bible is” to “what does God mean when it says this”…” to “advice on prayer and the Christian walk.” You can always go to to find old blogs.

By the way, almost every week the sermon is recorded and put on the web for download / listening free of charge. I believe there are over 10 years worth of sermons by me and the guest speakers available.

The second thing we provide almost every week is called “Growing in Grace”. This has four parts. Part 1 has three attitudes we can and should develop which emerge from that week’s preaching text. There is also a simple description of the process of developing new attitudes. Part 2 is praying the Bible. We do not turn the whole preaching text into a prayer. However, we prayerfully choose a key part of the Bible text and turn it into a prayer to pray. It is important to pray. It is important to learn from the Bible how and what to pray. Part 3 is a verse to memorize from that week’s preaching text. Part 4 is an open-ended question to the effect, has the Lord spoken to you this week and what are you going to do about it?

The last resource is called “Going Deeper”. Here the person who preaches is to provide important Bible texts which are connected to the preaching text. These can be key texts which help explain or understand the preached text. These Scriptures are shared in a three-step process that can be done by yourself, but are best done with others. There is a “getting to know you” question. Then there are the Scripture texts. Finally, there is an open-ended question asking how the Lord has moved you or convicted you as you have read His word – and asks you to consider sharing some of this with others so they can join with you in prayer.