Dear friends,

I am on the wrong side of history. I know this is true because I am repeatedly told this in newspapers, books, blogs and on television and movies. I was reminded that I am on the wrong side of history this week in local newspapers. I am on the wrong side of history because of some of the moral truths that I hold – moral truths with social implications. Let’s pause and think about this for a moment, because I am not alone. By current thinking, all Christians are on the wrong side of history.

First of all, the “wrong side of history” argument is currently made mainly by those who are “left wing” or “progressive”. Those who know history know that there have been many right wing versions of the same belief. So, when Christians dissent and argue against “the wrong (or right) side of history” it is not revealing a “right wing” prejudice.

Secondly, think about the claim being made for a moment. The speaker who says that people who hold certain views are on the right or wrong side of history are making a god-like claim. They claim to know the future. They claim to know an unending future without variations or cycles. How can
anyone claim this? The fact is that most people who pronounce on the right or wrong side of history do not think through the fact that they are making god-like claims for themselves and those who think the same way. No one knows the future in this way. Only God can know the future.

Thirdly, whether intentionally or unintentionally, when someone plays the “wrong side of history” card, they are doing so to stop conversation, argument, thinking, debate and discovery. Ironically, it is an anti-intellectual move often made by intellectuals.

Fourthly, why should the moral view of a majority of people in the future be true and/or good? Usually, when people think about moral matters, they quickly reject the idea that whatever the majority believes to be good is, in fact, good. How is this capitulation to the view of the majority made more reasonable by talking of a future majority?

Finally, Christians believe there is a God who does exist. His nature and character are the source and ground of what is good. A breaking or removing or bending or twisting or unbalancing of goodness is evil. Right and wrong do not depend on a majority vote. Right and wrong are not determined by a majority vote. In light of God’s grace freely offered in Jesus Christ crucified, we are to humbly bear witness to inconvenient moral truths.